Loading Dock Equipment

We have the experience in the installation and supply of all the equipment required for a loading dock, such as dock levelers, dock seals, bumpers, guards, traffic lights, metal and air curtains, dock automation, racks.

  • Supply, installation and maintenance of ramps for loading docks (hydraulic and mechanical).
  • Power supply for hydraulic ramps and control systems.

Ideal to be installed in bays where trucks of different heights are loaded and / or unloaded.

  • Supply and installation of articulated arms for truck bed lighting.
  • Power supply for dock luminaires.

Design and manufacture of bumpers to protect the platform infrastructure from the bumps and friction of vehicles during the loading and unloading process.

Guards to delimit vehicle and forklift accesses

  • Traffic lights to control access to loading platforms.
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of traffic lights and components of logistics platforms.
  • Manufacture, maintenance and automation of metal curtains.
  • Installation and maintenance of air curtains.

Vialetas for parking lanes.

  • Supply, installation and maintenance of industrial racks for storage of goods of various types (pallets, boxes, containers or other systems).
  • Selective, drive-in, dynamic or structural rack.
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We provide services, equipment and solutions in areas related to:

  • IT - Telecommunications.
  • Electrical work and energy quality.
  • Industrial maintenance.
  • Loading platform equipment.
  • Electronic security systems.
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration.
  • Stationery and office supplies.
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