Industrial maintenance

We currently offer a wide range of industrial maintenance services, we develop complete works from conceptualization, basic and detailed, to the completion of final tests in the facilities, staff training and documented delivery of the work. (civil works and maintenance, electromechanical installations, painting and waterproofing, welding, pailería and structures).

  • Supervision of works, development of projects and industrial maintenance of all types of infrastructures.
  • Industrial construction.
  • Soil mechanics studies.
  • Design of foundations for different infrastructures (tanks, ships).
  • Remodeling and adaptation of existing facilities.
  • Design and construction of concrete and steel structures (offices, warehouses and industrial plants and service areas).
  • Installation of hydraulic and sanitary networks, pavements, concrete floors and foundations.
  • Masonry work and finishes (durok, drywall, ceilings, paste, paint, waterproofing).
  • Aluminum cancelería and blacksmith works.
  • Maintenance services in general per policy or per event.
  • Installation of carbon steel and stainless steel industrial and sanitary pipes.
  • Enabling, assembly and maintenance of braced towers for different applications.
  • Assembly and qualification of equipment and structures for processes, tanks, substations, piping and ducts.
  • Manufacture and maintenance of metal platforms, marine ladders, catwalks, etc.
  • Installation of process equipment.
  • Insulating coating for low and high temperature pipes.
  • Welding application with processes: tig, smaw and mig.

Application of all types of paints and coatings on structures (buildings, offices, towers and metal structures, confined spaces (wells, chimneys, tanks).

Design and repair of all types of steel structures

 Finishes (rock board, duroc, multipanel)

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