Electrical work and power quality

In the Dizer group we carry out electrical installations and industrial electrical maintenance, power and control wiring, lighting, physical land and lightning rods, energy backup systems.

  • Assembly of medium and low voltage electrical substations, transformers and general distribution boards.
  • Assembly of emergency plants and transfer boards.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance to substations and general and distribution electrical panels (cleaning and adjustments of components, contacts, connections, bus dielectric tests).
  • Transformers: Megger insulation resistance measurement, cleaning, retightening of connections, inspection of nozzles, physicochemical and chromatographic analysis of oil, PCB analysis, drying, filtering and degassing of oil.
  • Capacitor bank installation
  • Assembly of emergency plants and transfer boards.
  • Assembly of power circuits, control, lighting and contacts.
  • Manufacture of force boards.
  • We develop comprehensive lighting projects tailored to your needs.
  • Luminosity calculations for work spaces that guarantee compliance with the applicable regulations of the stps.
  • We supply and install a wide portfolio of brands and models of lamps, reflectors for industrial, commercial and residential spaces.
  • Design, calculation, installation and maintenance of physical ground systems and lightning rod systems.
  • Network inspection, ohmic resistance measurement.

We offer a wide selection of backup power units (ups), power distribution units (pdus), and surge suppressors to protect sensitive electronic equipment from potential damage.

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